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Local Dispatch (24/06/05)

Friends and comrades,
In this week's Dispatch, we are covering the 25th anniversary of Front Yards in Bloom, picket captains and upcoming strike preparation courses, billiards night, the most recent negotiations update, and an education opportunity through Labor Notes.
Kyle Turner, Communications Officer
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Front Yards in Bloom 25th Anniversary

CUPW Local 730 along with our partners, the City of Edmonton and the Edmonton Horticultural Society, are launching the 25th Anniversary of Front Yards in Bloom (a beloved tradition for gardeners, yard enthusiasts, and community members). Since 1999, this program has been celebrating citizens who work hard to make their space beautiful.
For more information and a link to printable nomination form, click HERE.
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Picket Captains and Strike Preparation Course
We are still looking for members who are interested in becoming picket captains for their work facilities. If you are interested, please send an email to union@cupwedm.net.
Part of being prepared to be a picket captain and being ready for a strike is taking a strike preparation course! We've already had one course and another is taking place June 13th. A third date for the course is being planned. If you are interested in attending, reach out to educate730@gmail.com.
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Billiards Night
The Social Committee is hosting a billiards night on June 27th at Gateway Lanes (3414 Gateway BLVD) from 8 pm to 10 pm. If you are interested in attending, please RSVP to the Social Committee at Socials730@gmail.com.
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Negotiations Update
National President Jan Simpson has released a bulletin called "Canada Post Speaking Out of Both Sides of its Mouth." Highlights include CPC CEO Doug Ettinger denying claims of reducing our delivery days, but also being misleading about the bonuses paid out to management and supervisors. Among other interesting points, the bulletin also covers Ettinger's four-year plan to transform the business by spending $800-million per year, which is shockingly similar to the losses being reported in the media.
It's a good one and I don't think a summary from me would do it justice, so I must encourage you to read it HERE.
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Labor Notes Training: Secrets of a Successful Organizer
Labor Notes is offering an online training series this June and July based on its book Secrets of a Successful Organizer. The goal of this training is to rekindle the flame of rank-and-file militancy in our unions. Workshops will cover beating apathy, assembling your dream team, and turning an issue into a campaign. For more detailed descriptions, click HERE.
If you are interested in attending this training through our Local, please contact the Education Officer at educate730@gmail.com. The deadline to apply through our Local is June 12th. The Local office will pay the registration fee, but please note the times of the workshops as there will be no book offs provided in order to attend.
On a personal note, I have received training based on Secrets of a Successful Organizer. It was challenging, but I also found it extremely interesting and engaging, and I would highly recommend it. Unfortunately, I lost my copy of the book while working on a campaign in Hamilton, ON, but our Local's library does have several copies of the book that you can check out if you're interested.
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  • Megan Whitfield Bursary: For more information and to apply for the 4th Annual Megan Whitfield Bursary, click HERE.
  • Disability Supports: To access the Disability Supports portal, which provides a list of programs and services in your community, click HERE.