| 01-10-2024

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Local Dispatch (24/01/10)

Friends and comrades,
In this week's dispatch, we'll be covering the regional pension course, Education Committee meeting, upcoming social events, and upcoming Local elections.
Kyle Turner, Communications Officer
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Social Events
The Local has two upcoming social events planned. There will be a board games day on Sunday, January 28th at 11 am. Bring a board game and some snacks. There will also be a Bollywood movie night on Saturday, February 24th at 7 pm. Both of these events will be held at our office (18121 107 Ave NW) and the Social Committee will provide popcorn and drinks for both of these events.

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Education Committee Meeting
The Education Committee will be meeting on Friday, January 12th at 7 pm via Zoom. If you wish to attend this meeting, click HERE.
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Regional Pension Course
There is an upcoming 1-day pension course being put on by our Regional Office on Friday, January 26th via Zoom at 8 am. Positions are limited and the deadline to get your application into the Local Office is Friday, January 12th at 4 pm. You can find a digital copy of the application HERE, and you can also email a digital copy of your completed application to the Education Officer at educate730@gmail.com
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Local Elections
Just a reminder that this year we will be having elections for a number of Local Executive positions. The deadline to nominate is Friday, February 23rd by 5 pm. For more information, please see the website post HERE.