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Local Dispatch (24/01/05)

Friends and comrades,

In this week's dispatch, we're covering an upcoming pension course as well as Local elections.
Kyle Turner, Communications Officer
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Upcoming Pension Course
The Prairie Region is offering a 1-day pension course on Friday, January 26th via Zoom. You can download the application HERE. The deadline to get your application to the Local office is Friday, January 12th by 4 pm (you can send it by mail or send a digital copy to our Education Officer at educate730@gmail.com).
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Local Elections
Between General Membership Meetings, your Local is run by an Executive Committee. The Executive Committee positions are elected on a 3-year cycle. All officers of the Local are expected to undertake their duties with co-operation, collaboration, and solidarity.
Nominations for this year will be accepted for the positions as follows: President (full-time officer), Health and Safety Officer (full-time officer), Vice-President 2 (EMPP), Vice-President 4 (RSMC), Vice-President 5 (Garage, Maintenance, Registration, and Wickets), and Communications Officer. 
For more information on each of these positions, please check our Local By-Laws HERE.
All of these positions require that the nominee have attended at least 50% of the GMMs in the preceding year (this percentage includes Special GMMs). Nominations must be made by a Member in Good Standing. The deadline for nomination is Friday, February 23rd at 5 pm. Nominations can be mailed to the office or dropped off in person in the locked box at the front of the office.
Elections and results will be held at the Union office on Saturday, April 6th, but advanced poll information will be announced.
There should be nomination forms in your facilities and depots, but feel free to use the following template:
I, _________________________ (print name), being a Member in Good Standing, hereby nominate ____________________________ (print name), also a Member in Good Standing, for the position of ______________________________ in the Edmonton Local.
Nominator's Signature: ________________________________________
Nomination Acceptance:
I, __________________________ (print name), accept the nomination.
Nominee's Signature: _______________________
Phone number: ____________________________