May 2024

Highlights for this Edition:

  1. President's Report
  2. EMPP Consultation Update
  3. Injury on Duty
  4. Social Steward Presentations
  5. No Relief - The Update
February 2024

Highlights for this Edition:

  1. President's Report
  2. The Only Way Forward is to Strike
  3. Grievances During Strikes and Negotiations
  4. Preparing for a Strike
  5. Why We Strike
December 2023

Highlights for this Edition

  1. President's Report
  2. Organizing Report
  3. Child Care Fund and the Special Needs Project
  4. SSD: The Failure thus Far
  5. No Relief, "Automation"
September 2023

Highlights for this Edition:

  1. President's Report
  2. Winnipeg Pilgrimage of Hope for Reconciliation
  3. Bank of Canada Threatens Financial Pain
  4. EDLC and Make Them Pay Campaign Photo Spread
  5. Flyers
July 2023

Highlights for this Edition:

1. President's Report
2. Pride Month and the Continuing Struggle
3. Plea for an Organized Workfloor
4. AFL Convention Report
5. CUPW's National Convention

April 2023

Highlights for this Edition:

1. President's Report
2. Anti-Scab Legislation
3. Bread & Roses Update
4. Health & Safety Update
5. Solidarity for Shift 3

February 2023

Highlights for this edition:

1. President’s Report
2. A Tale of Two Depots
3. Photo Gallery: We Together Strong Christmas Hamper Day
4. No Relief: The Void

December 2022

Highlights for this edition:

1. President’s Report
2. View from the EMPP
3. Job Action Bulletin: Rosedale
4. RSMCs Say: Make CPC Pay

September 2022

Highlights for this edition:

1. President’s Report: I Need a !@#$ing Raise
2. The Route Measurement Dumpster Fire of 2022
3. "Casuals Get Screwed": Time for a Bold Change
4. No Relief - The Numbers

July 2022

Highlights for this edition:

1. Interim President’s Report - Steady On
2. "Picket Lines Mean Do Not Cross"
3. Pronouns on the Workfloor
4. No Relief - The Initiative, Part I

May 2022

Highlights for this edition:

1. President's Report: Due Process
2. Thank You, Edmonton
3. RSMCs Feeling Gas Pains from Bloated Fuel Costs
4. No Relief - The Motto

March 2022

Highlights for this edition:

1. President's Report: Out of the Fire, Into the Frying Pan
2. The return of spring educationals
3. International Women's Day 
4. Upcoming virtual event with guest Jean-Claude Parrot

February 2022

Highlights for this edition:

1. President's Report: Hindsight 2021
2. Make a difference by getting involved 
3. The "multi-injury program" is not a program 
4. No Relief comic - "The Initiative Pt. 2"

December 2021

Highlights for this edition:

1. Delivering in the dark
2. Retirement tips
3. Is the vaccine policy an effective organizing issue?
4. No Relief comic - "The Initiative Pt. 3"

September 2021

Highlights for this edition:

1. Contract extension debrief
2. Values for on-demand pick-ups
3. Attack on women's rights at EMPP
4. No Relief comic - "The Grievance Investigation"

July 2021

Highlights for this edition:

1. CUPW National Statement - Every Child Matters 
2. Online Vote Testing - Rename The InsideOut
3. President's Report - Silver Linings
4. New No Relief Comic - You're Still Here? 

June 2021

Highlights for this edition:

1. President's Report - Trust the Membership
2. Regional Conference - 1st Regional Non-Binary Caucus; 2 Delegate Perspectives
3. History Reading Group - An Evening With Jean-Claude Parrot
4. Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud - CPC Claims Employee C-19 Leave Caus...

May 2021

Highlights for this edition:

1. Local Elections - A (Near) Historic Candidate Win to Reform CUPW 
2. Officer Reports - Updates from Grievance & A New 2nd VP 
3. Day of Mourning 2021 - April 28 Digital Ceremony 
4. New Comic - Will "No Relief" Change its Bullying Ways?

April 2021

Highlights for this edition:

1. Executive Elections - Voting Times & Candidate Information
2. Negotiations 2022 - The 97 Demands Proposed By Our Local
3. Building Power To Win - An Update From The Floor
4. Bill MacDonald Memoriam - Remembering A Pioneer Postal Worker

March 2021

Highlights for this edition:

1. President’s Report - No Struggle, No Victory
2. Building Power To Win - Negotiations 2022
3. Amazon Will Destroy Our Future
4. CPC Pandemic Negligence

February 2021

Highlights for this edition:

1. Intro to CUPW/Unionism Webinar
2. Building Power to Win - Negotiations 2022
3. CUPW Vs. the Epoch Times
4. Bullying, Depression, and Fighting Back

December 2020

Highlights for this edition:

1. President’s Report - The Year of the Wildcat
2. Kenney’s Anti-Worker Austerity
3. Workplace Bullying
4. Ending Violence Against Women - Remembering Dec 6, 1989

October 2020

Highlights for this edition:

1. Defiance Mobilization Programme
2. Fighting Bill 32
3. No Boss Is Your Friend
4. American Postal Worker Wildcat Strike

September 2020

Highlights for this edition:

1. Arbitration 2020
2. Unions & Anti-Racism
3. Direct Action Delivers Depot 2 Parking
4. Attacking The Trades In Alberta (CESSCO Pickets)
5. Kenney's War On Unions

June 2020

We have staffing issues in the plant, constant bullying and harassment throughout our workfloors, wage stagnation, unequal pay for the RSMCs, and an astronomical injury rate among letter carriers. And instead of dealing with any of these things... CPC puts up a banner. I don’t want your praise. I want a raise. I don’t need a cape. I need a contract!

April 2020

Before you dig into this issue, please be aware that it was nearly on its way to the printer the week C19 hit Alberta. Much has happened since, but we've decided to publish the issue we have ready. Highlights include:

1. Job action reports
2. Organizing campaign updates
3. New Exec members say hello

February 2020

In our Dec 2019 issue, a bully supervisor was called out. In response, EMPP management began confiscating any issues left lying around, claiming that the article bullied CPC. The cover of this month's issue is a tribute to CPCs complete obliviousness. Instead of wasting time collecting, and throwing away our newsletter, CPC should spend more time addressing the behavior of their supervisor.....

December 2019

Excerpt from an anti-union cynic who became an activist: "[As our jobs got worse] where was our Union in all this? appeared CUPW – tasked with helping, defending, and representing us – was the worst offender of all. They emulated CPCs worst as they consolidated power in a select few, embraced passivity cloaked as cooperation, and acted unilaterally - if they acted at all."

November 2019

Open letter excerpt to the National Exec: "There can be no denying that the size and power of our movement has been in steady decline for the past 40-years. Some of this has been attributed to changes in industry, but if we’re being honest with ourselves it has more to do with our unwillingness to strategically counter the aggression and ruthlessness of employers and government."

October 2019

The problem is obvious: no matter what we do, the government will always legislate us back to work if we represent a threat. The question we'll pose to members is simple: if you knew National leadership would protect you from the legislation fines and if you knew that a solid majority of the Edmonton local would support you, would you be willing to defy back-to-work legislation?

August 2019

May 1st, Edmonton carriers at the Downtown and Rosedale depots confronted management over being forced to deliver a non-essential commercial flyer to all points of call regardless of the homeowner’s wishes. This issue, while small on its own, was the straw that broke the camel’s back, as we felt CPC had reached too far and was asking too much of an already strained workforce.

February 2019

I was disappointed we didn't defy back-to-work legislation. Months have passed and my disappointment remains. Like everyone else, I was tired and wanted it to be over, but being legislated didn't magically make our injuries stop or prevent unpaid work. What it did do was further the false narrative that CUPW and CPC are equals: two groups of equal power who just couldn’t get along.

October 2018

I would also like to thank everyone for doing such a fantastic job holding our lines! And by holding our lines, I don’t just mean the actual strike line or holding to the 8 hour day. We also hold our line by maintaining our discipline, showing up to work, and working in a safe manner every day while not knowing when our next turn on the strike line will come.

September 2018

Finally, if we're forced to strike, we must be open to new tactics. If CPC is not making an attempt to move the mail, we should then put pressure on the Liberal government. This government was elected on a platform of growing the middle class... They ultimately have the final say on how we are treated in this period, so they need to be made aware that we'll not settle for less again.

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