| 01-27-2021

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Welcome to CUPW Webinar Series

As a new (or new to caring) CUPW member, it is vital that you learn the many ways to contribute to worker power within your union’s structure and have a basic understanding of what it means to be a part of our Union. It is also necessary that you prepare yourself to effectively push back against CPC’s inevitable negligence and power abuses. 

Recently, our National union office announced a bold plan to train workers across the country in direct action tools to prepare us for our upcoming contract negotiations. We need you with us and ready!

This three part webinar introducing you to CUPW will be hosted by the Local 730 Communications and Organizing officers and  happen over the course of three consecutive Sundays in February as follows:

- Sunday, February 7th, 10am - 12pm  

- Sunday, February 14th, 10am - 12pm

- Sunday, February 21st, 10am - 12pm


The webinar is open to all CUPW members and affiliates across Canada. The registration deadline is midnight on Wednesday, February 3rd, 2021. Please pre-register here (LINK).

In Solidarity,