| 12-24-2020

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Local Dispatch (20/12/24)

Comrades & Friends,


Over the past ten months we have faced down a generational crisis together. When our bosses and governments lost direction at the beginning of this pandemic, our members were the ones that took the wheel and charted the course. No matter how big the storm, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers steadied the ship to keep safely providing a lifeline to the public when they needed it most. The mail must go through.

There have been setbacks, incredible stress, and some truly scary moments. As our co-workers got sick, and our facilities shut down for decontamination, volunteers were always there to grind out the perpetual overtime to try to get us caught up. As volumes overwhelmed other processing hubs and shipping companies, our members were the ones to shoulder that load. The mail must go through.

Those that have never done the job cannot understand just how daunting our task has grown during this nightmare. We want to acknowledge and celebrate the incredible labour provided by all of our members and express our deepest appreciation. Thank you for all the long, back-breaking, hours. Thank you for your impossible resilience. Thank you for your ability to always adapt with courage. Without your brain and muscle not a single wheel can turn. Because of you, the mail will get through!


With Warm Solidarity & Best Holiday Wishes,

The CUPW 730 Local Executive