| 12-10-2020

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Local Dispatch (20/12/10)

Comrades & friends,

As frustrating as their lack of leadership has been, the Alberta government was finally forced to do the right thing by introducing restrictions that should effectively limit C19 spread. Between this, and a vaccine coming shortly, the hope is that we will be clear of this nightmare in a few months.

To align with the newest health guidelines, our office remains locked and available by appointment only. We are transitioning all meetings with members to be conducted over the phone or video conferencing. Exemptions will be made for unique circumstances. In either case, please call (780) 423-9000 to arrange an appointment. We are extremely busy in the office trying to put out a thousand different fires, so please leave a message if you’re unable to catch us on the phone.

In this week’s dispatch you will find local C19 updates, my monthly President’s report to the membership detailing how we can best prepare for negotiations less than 18 months away, a podcast episode analyzing the AUPE wildcat strike, as well as other helpful resources.

As always, our officers are here to help you navigate whatever challenges you may be facing -- we’re just a call or email away. Stay strong and take care.

In Solidarity,



Local President's Report - We Are Running Out Of Time

Excerpt: “The existence of the pandemic does not change our primary goal of arming enough of our union with the tools to mount a sizable resistance to CPC maneuvers and government repression. As long as we continue to do our part in nurturing a spirit of solidarity and supporting any workfloor organizing efforts in CUPW, in our local and beyond, we will be tangibly building towards revitalizing our union.” (Read more)


Local C19 Updates

Since our last update, we’ve had nineteen more confirmed, or presumptive, cases in our local. For each case, AHS and our office was contacted, employees of that facility/shift were notified, proper cleaning was applied, and those working in proximity to the announced cases asked to call 811 for further direction. This information is offered in the interests of transparency, and is purposely vague in some cases to protect privacy; please use it to gauge your own health, not to harass or create more stress in an already over-stressed climate. Any related concerns or questions should be directed to your managers or our Health & Safety office.

11.30 - Rosedale - Wave 2B - Carrier (presumptive confirmed negative)
12.03 - Whitemud South - Early Shift - Inside Worker
12.03 - Rosedale - Day Supervisor
12.03 - EMPP - Shift 1 - City Finals
12.03 - Delton - Day Supervisor
12.04 - St Albert - Wave 1A - RSMC
12.04 - Ft Saskatchewan - Day Supervisor (last at work Nov 20)
12.04 - Vegreville - RSMC (presumptive pending)
12.05 - Sherwood Park - Wave 1A - RSMC (presumptive pending)
12.05 - Mayfield - Wave 2B - Carrier
12.06 - EMPP - Shift 1 - Maintenance
12.07 - EMPP - Shift 2 - Security Desk
12.08 - Whitemud South - Wave 1A - RSMC (presumptive pending)
12.08 - Barrhead - PO4
12.08 - EMPP - Shift 1 (waiting on more info)
12.08 - EMPP - Shift 3 - Parcels (presumptive pending)
12.09 - Delton - Wave 1 - Carrier
12.09 - St Albert - Wave 1A - RSMC
12.10 - Rosedale - Wave 1A - Carrier

Please see our previously issued bulletin for more information on the mandatory mask policy, where to receive more information on claiming isolation/quarantine pay, and if you are seeking medical exemptions. (Read more)


EDLC President, Greg Mady, Challenges City of Edmonton Gutting Public Services

Excerpt: “The fact that it is dogmatically assumed by so many of you that privatization leads to cost savings, despite the mounting evidence across municipalities showing that, in fact, it does not is troubling to say the least. The profit motive means that corners are cut, workers are treated as disposable, city equipment is trashed, citizens pay more out of pockets for less, and on top of it public dollars feed the wallets of international shareholders instead of supporting local buying power here at home.”


Alberta Advantage Podcast: One Day Wildcat Strike

Excellent, in-depth analysis on why the AUPE healthcare worker wildcat happened in October. This is very important listening with constructive criticism on how to get Alberta's labour movement where it needs to be. (Listen here)


Stand Up To Kenney - Action Pledge

Sign up and tell the UCP that we’re united and ready to stand up for our province. By taking the “I’m ready" pledge, you’re saying that you’re ready to take part in province-wide protests that will include rallies and demonstrations, and which could include work stoppages, like general strikes. (Read more)