| 05-15-2024

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Local Dispatch (24/05/15)

Friends and comrades,
In this week's Dispatch, we are covering the most recent negotiations update from National Office, an upcoming Education Committee meeting, and a labour-themed podcast recommendation. There are also a lot of reminders, so please read until the end!
Kyle Turner, Communications Officer
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Negotiations Update

In the most recent negotiations update from our National office, National President Jan Simpson addresses Canada Post's media campaign to present itself as a failing corporation. During negotiations, CPC's negotiators have said nothing about cutting the number of days of delivery per week. Yet this is the message CPC is putting into the media.
CUPW has been engaging with the media and is committed to telling both Parliament and the public about what is happening at Canada Post. Quoting Jan Simpson: "We are talking about thousands of dollars in bonuses paid to management, while they mismanage the public postal service, telling half-truths, and record losses that, when you look at the numbers more carefully, simply don't add up."
To read the full bulletin, click HERE
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Upcoming Education Committee Meeting
The next Education Committee meeting will be on Tuesday, May 21st at 7 pm via Zoom. The Education Committee is open to all members in good standing. If you would like to attend this meeting, click HERE.
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Podcast Recommendation: Commons
This season of the podcast Commons is focusing on work. In the first episode, host Arshy Mann asks, "Is there a war on workers?" This is the question this season of Commons seeks to address.
To listen to the first episode, click HERE.
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  • Bowling Night: Friday, May 24th at Bronx Bowling (12940 127th St) at 8 pm. For more details, click HERE.
  • Movie Night: Saturday, June 1st at the Union Office (18121 107 Ave) at 5 pm. For more details, click HERE.
  • Local Strike Preparation Course: For more information on the upcoming Local strike preparation course, see last week's Dispatch HERE. Deadline to apply is Monday, May 27th at 5 pm.
  • Megan Whitfield Bursary: For more information and to apply for the 4th Annual Megan Whitfield Bursary, click HERE.
  • Regional Educational: There is an upcoming 3-day Regional educational. If you wish to apply, you must have your application into the Local office by May 17th at 5 pm. For more information, see the previous Dispatch HERE.
  • Picket Captains: If you are interested in becoming a picket captain during a potential strike period and if we have missed you while canvassing in your work location, please reach out to the Local office at union@cupwedm.net and include your name and work location.
  • Disability Supports: To access the Disability Supports portal, which provides a list of programs and services in your community, click HERE.