| 02-27-2024

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Local Dispatch (24/02/27)

Friends and comrades,
In this week's Dispatch, we will be covering the March GMM, Local Executive elections, International Women's Day, Member in Good Standing status, as well as a number of reminders.
Kyle Turner, Communications Officer
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March GMM
Because of the Prairie Region's President's Meeting, our March GMM is being pushed back to Saturday, March 9th at 10 am. It is a hybrid meeting, so you can attend online via Zoom or in person at the Local office (18121 107 Ave NW). If you wish to attend online, the deadline to register is March 8th, 2024 by noon. For more information and to register to attend online, see our website post HERE.
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Local Executive Elections
The Elections Committee opened the nomination box on February 23rd at 5 pm, and here are the results. The following candidates were acclaimed: Rashpal Sehmby (Health & Safety Officer), Stephanie Bourque (2nd Vice President - EMPP), Kathleen Mpulubusi (5th Vice President - Garage, Maintenance, Retail & Wickets), and Kyle Turner (Communications Officer). 
There were no nominations for 4th Vice President - Rural & Suburban Mail Carriers, so this position will be accepting nominations from the floor at the April GMM.
There were two nominations for President, Devon Rundvall and Lennard Vis, so we will be having an election. The advanced poll will be on March 20th and election day will be April 6th, with results being announced at the GMM that night. Please watch your facility's union board and/or your email inbox for candidate information and times for voting.
Congratulations to those acclaimed and good luck to the candidates!
- Karry Biri, on behalf of the Elections Committee
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International Women's Day 2024
There are two events for International Women's Day that are quickly approaching. On March 8th there is a dinner and discussion starting at 5:30 pm at Alberta Avenue Community Centre (9210 118 Ave). Tickets are $60 and are available through Eventbrite, and there will also be an international buffet, entertainment, and discussion with activists from different groups all coming together.
On March 10th, there will be a rally and a march starting at Corbett Hall (112 St and 82 Ave) at 11 am
For more information, you can contact Women 4 Rights and Empowerment at women4re@gmail.com or by visiting their Facebook page HERE.
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Are You a Member in Good Standing?
Canadian labour law requires that members pay $5 to their union in order to become a Member in Good Standing (MIGS). In order to be eligible for strike pay, you must be MIGS. If you have any questions or doubts about your status, please contact Secretary-Treasurer Karry Biri at Treasurer@cupwedm.net or 780-423-9000 ext. 2.
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  • AFL Award Nominations: Deadline is April 2nd, please see this previous Dispatch for more information.
  • Labour College: Deadline for applications is April 1st. For more information, please see the bulletin from National.
  • How to Write a Grievance Course: There is still time to apply for this course. Please see THIS website post for more information.
  • Upcoming Education Committee Meetings: There are two upcoming Education Committee meetings, you can find more details HERE.
  • Most Recent Negotiations Update: February 15th, 2024 - Read the bulletin from National HERE.