| 12-22-2023

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Application of the Collective Agreements after their Expiry Date

Friday December 22 2023
No 9

As we approach the expiry date of the Urban and RSMC collective agreements, we would like to clarify any questions members may have about the application of their rights. 


Expiry Dates

The RSMC collective agreement expires December 31, 2023.

The Urban collective agreement expires January 31, 2024.


After these Dates…

The rights set out in the collective agreements continue to apply. Members will have the right to the same working conditions, wages, and benefits as they had before expiry.

This is clearly set out in Urban Article 43.03 and RSMC Article 34.03. Also, under the Canada Labour Code, collective agreements continue to apply until the Union obtains the right to strike and the Employer the right to lockout. We are still early in the bargaining process and very far from this stage.


The Work Continues

The negotiating committees remain hard at work preparing and presenting our demands to the Employer. The Union’s negotiators are committed to achieving a collective agreement that brings the RSMC and urban units together and improves the wages and working conditions of all members.

Remember: The Union is your best source of information about developments at the bargaining tables. Resist the temptation to spread rumours, especially those coming from the Employer.

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In Solidarity,

Lana Smidt
Lead Negotiator, Urban Operations Unit
François Senneville
Lead Negotiator, RSMC Unit