| 12-20-2023

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3rd Party Insurance/Driver's Abstract Update

We've been getting a number of questions about letters the Corporation has been sending out regarding moving the management of driver licensing and insurance verification (for RSMCs) to a new third-party supplier.

Here is what we currently know as provided by National Union Representative Terry MacDonald:

For Urban:

Appendix GG has been in the Urban Collective Agreement for at least a decade to align with applicable laws. The two tables in Appendix GG “…confirm as to when an employee is required to provide, or consent to the Corporation obtaining, his or her driver’s license abstract.” Please see attached email from Meredith Langley, Officer, Labour Relations dated May 11, 2015 which states: “Employees driving Class 1 and 2 Medium trucks and Tractor trailers are to provide their driver’s abstract on an annual basis, while employees driving lighter vehicles are to provide their driver’s abstract upon license renewal (which occurs every 5 years). As per Appendix GG due diligence chart, CPC covers the cost for incumbents. Nationally, CPC is not aware of the reported practice of requesting driver’s abstracts randomly, without cause.”


Originally, Supervisors would request a driver’s abstract from an employee. Once provided the Supervisor would input the information into SAP. A 3rd party company called Ver-X was used to verify the validity of a provincial driver’s license in partnership with provincial licensing departments. Any invalid licences are flagged and put into SAP where the Supervisor would receive a notification to request a new driver’s abstract from the employee.

In March 2022, CPC started using another 3rd party company called Truck Right/Kupar, on an interim basis, to contact employees to request permission to obtain a driver’s abstract on their behalf...

On August 3, 2023, CUPW received another notice advising that Truck Right/Kupar had been selected through the RFP process as the company that will continue to collect driver abstracts.


Article 12.09 – Definition of Qualified. This is related to filling vacant routes and PRE positions and supplying the “…appropriate driver’s license on the day of the assignment.” I’ve attached minutes from a few NJHSC consultations that make reference to driver training programs and abstracts. It’s not clear to me when and if an RSMC or PRE has to provide a drivers’ abstract. Is CPC relying on the CMS 16.05.33 Driver Safety Program? (see attached).

All of this to say, that I don’t have clear answers to some of your questions and concerns. If anyone has more information to share please do. This will likely need to be discussed by the grievance folks here at national office with those of you in the regions to determine the next steps.

We will provide updates as we receive them.