| 11-29-2023

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Local Dispatch (23/11/29)

Friends and comrades,
In this week's dispatch, we are covering the December GMM, upcoming committee meetings, and information about personal days.
Kyle Turner, Communications Officer
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December GMM
Our next GMM is Saturday, December 2nd at 10 am. This is a hybrid meeting, so you can attend in person at the office (18121 107 Ave NW) or via Zoom. If you wish to attend online, you must register by December 1st at noon. To see the agenda and to register, click HERE.
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Upcoming Committee Meetings
The Social Committee will be meeting on Saturday, December 2nd at noon, following the GMM. The Social Committee is open to all members in good standing. Members who are interested in planning social events are encouraged to attend. You can attend in person or online. If you wish to attend online, click HERE
The next Education Committee meeting will be held on Thursday, December 14th at 7 pm via Zoom. This meeting will be to discuss the applications received for the upcoming Prairie and Pacific educational for Advanced Shop Steward and Social Steward courses. The Education Committee is open to all members in good standing. Applications for these courses will be in the next mailout, so check your union bulletin board over the next week or stop by our union office. If you wish to attend this meeting, click HERE.
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Personal Day Information
Last year, the Canada Labour Code introduced additional personal days for federal employees. For an explanation of how Canada Post has implemented these personal days, see our website post HERE.