| 10-13-2023

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Local Dispatch (23/10/11)

Friends and comrades,

In this week's dispatch, we'll be covering the ongoing program of demands ratification votes, the October GMM, ways to update your contact information with the Local for the coming contract negotiation period, the Your Pension is Yours survey, Disability Supports resources, and the Friends of Medicare fundraiser.
Kyle Turner, Communications Officer
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Program of Demands Ratification
Our program of demands ratification votes and referendum votes are ongoing. Tomorrow they will be happening at the Italian Cultural Centre (14230 133 Ave). On Friday, votes are happening at the Nisku Inn and Conference Centre. Saturday's votes are at the Lakewood Community League. Sunday has two locations, one being the Londonderry Community League and the other being the Athabasca Regional Multiplex.
For the full list of dates, times, and locations, see our website post HERE. You must attend the pre-meeting in order to vote. You must be present before the time listed because the doors will be closed.
There has been a slight change of plans. It is now 1st National Vice-President Rona Eckert and Prairie Region Union Representative Roberta Mitchell who will be attending the votes this week.
If you would like to take a look at the demands, you can find them in the latest issue of Perspective Magazine.
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October GMM
Our October GMM is happening this Saturday, October 14th at 10 am at the Lakewood Community League, with ratification votes to follow. For more information and to register to attend online, please see our website post HERE.
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Contact Information Update
Members of the Organizing Committee have been visiting depots to collect members' contact information. We are doing this because we are going to use an automated texting service in order to inform members about strikes, lockouts, and votes over the coming period of contract negotiations.
If you've missed any of those visits or you'd like to get a jump on it, you can update your information HERE.
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Your Pension is Yours Survey
You might be aware that the provincial government of Alberta is currently planning on pulling out of the Canada Pension Plan and launching an Alberta Pension Plan. The Alberta NDP is currently conducting a survey and is interested in hearing from you, wherever you fall on the matter. If you're interested in doing the survey, you can do so HERE.
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Disability Supports
CUPW and UPCE-PSAC have partnered with 211 to develop and maintain disability-supports.ca. This was done to help support members who have children of all ages with disabilities or special needs. If you would like to check out the database and see the resources available in your area, please click HERE.
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Friends of Medicare
This is your final reminder to contact Secretary-Treasurer Karry Biri (Treasurer@cupwedm.net) if you would like to attend the Friends of Medicare fundraiser dinner and silent auction. You have until October 12th to contact Karry, and if more than 8 people are interested in attending, names will be randomly drawn. 
The event is being held on October 25th at 5:30 pm at the Chateau Louis Hotel and Conference Centre. If you would like to attend, you must do so on your own time.