| 09-20-2023

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Local Dispatch (23/09/20)

Friends and comrades,
In this week's dispatch, we're covering the program of demands ratification votes, the October GMM, and the Friends of Medicare dinner and silent auction fundraiser.
Kyle Turner, Communications Officer
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Program of Demands Ratification Votes
Just a reminder that the dates and locations for the program of demands ratification votes have been published. You can see the schedule on our website at this link, but your work facility should also have one up on the union bulletin board now or in the very near future. (If those mailouts aren't making it to your facility, please send me an email and let me know.)
National Director for the Prairie Region Lana Smidt and National 1st Vice-President Rona Eckert will be present for the votes between October 11th and 15th. If you'd like to see the program of demands, you can check out the latest issue of Perspective Magazine HERE.
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October GMM
Our next GMM will be on October 14th at 10 am. This will be a hybrid meeting, so you can attend online via Zoom or in person. For this GMM, we will be combining it with the program of demands ratification vote that is happening that day, so we will be holding the GMM at Lakewood Community League (260 Lakewood Road East).
For more information and to register to attend online, please see our website post HERE.
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Friends of Medicare Fundraiser
Our Local has purchased a table of 8-seats for the Friends of Medicare dinner and silent auction fundraiser on October 25th, 2023 at the Chateau Louis Hotel and Conference Centre (11727 Kingsway) at 5:30 pm.
These 8 seats are up for grabs. If you wish to attend, you must email Secretary-Treasurer Karry Biri (Treasurer@cupwedm.net) no later than October 12th. Members who are interested in attending this even must be able to attend on their own time. If there are more than 8 members interested in attending, names will be randomly selected.
Click here for more information about Friends of Medicare.