| 09-06-2023

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Local Dispatch (23/09/06)

Friends and comrades,

In this week's dispatch, we are covering the next GMM, upcoming program of demand votes and a demand referendum, a request for a show of solidarity, as well as the upcoming Elks Salute to Labour.
Kyle Turner, Communications Officer
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September GMM
Our next GMM is this coming Saturday at 10 am. For more information or to register online, please see our website post. The deadline to register to attend online is Friday, September 8th, at noon. There are a number of committees up for re-election and the position of 4th vice-president (RSMCs).
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Program of Demands and Referendum
Over the Spring, all the regions passed along the contract demands by way of their Regional Conferences and those demands have now been compiled by National into a program of demands. We will be voting on whether to accept this program of demands this Fall, with multiple opportunities to vote between September 25th and November 5th. We will be sharing the list of dates and times in the near future.
In addition to the program of demands, we will also be having a referendum on whether to include one of the demands that came from multiple regions. The demand in question is to bring the RSMCs into the same contract as Urban. Again, this vote will be happening at the same time as the vote on the program of demands. Please keep your eyes peeled for further information.
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Blue Monday
After seeing a number of similar situations and frustrations across all sections and shifts at the plant, some members from the plant have put forward a request for a show of solidarity across all work stations:
"We are asking all CUPW Edmonton local workers to show solidarity and support for all CUPW Edmonton local workers that have been impacted and continue to be impacted by unfair and unjust actions/inactions from CPC and CPC management."
So on Monday, September 18th, please wear a blue shirt in solidarity with our co-workers who have been mistreated by management.
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Elks Salute to Labour
This is your final reminder about the upcoming Labour Day rematch between the Elks and the Stampeders. If you would like to get tickets and find out how children under 12 can attend for free, please CLICK HERE.