| 04-05-2023

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Special GMMs for Contract Negotiations

We have two special GMMs coming up to vote on resolutions to pass onto our delegates for the next Regional Conference for our upcoming contract negotiations. For urban members, that special GMM is on Saturday, April 15th at 10 am, and for RSMCs, that meeting is on Sunday, April 16th at 10 am. These are hybrid meetings, so you can attend online or in person at our union office (18121 107 Ave). To attend these meetings online, you must register by April 14th at noon.
If you have resolutions to bring forward at these special GMMs, please submit them to Secretary-Treasurer Karry Biri (Treasurer@cupwedm.net) no later than April 13th.
To register for the Urban Special GMM, use this LINK.
To register for the RSMC Special GMM, us this LINK.