| 03-08-2023

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Local Newsletter - February 2023 Edition

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February 2023 Contents:

  1. President's Report
  2. From the Communications Officer
  3. A Tale of Two Depots
  4. Building Worker Power
  5. The Chaos of Restructures
  6. Job Action Bulletin: Edmonton
  7. National Human Rights Committee Meeting Report
  8. Separate Sortation & Delivery: The Spectre at the Door
  9. Photo Gallery: We Together Strong Christmas Hamper Day
  10. Worker Solidarity
  11. Canada's "Freedom Convoy" is a Front for a Right-Wing, Anti-Worker Agenda
  12. Check it Out! / Write for the InsideOut/Letter to the Editor
  13. Cut Out Postcard - Help RSMCs to "Make Them Pay"