| 03-08-2023

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Regional Bulletin: Fighting for Justice - EMPP Shift 3

On February 16th, the members of Shift 3 – Parcels section at the Edmonton Mail Processing Plant used their Right to Complain (Article 9.07) at a pre-scheduled meeting with management. Supported by their Local President, Brother Devon Rundvall, members stood and waited until their concerns were heard. Unfortunately, management refused to give them 5 minutes to read a prepared statement. In that statement, the members wanted to address safety and staffing issues, but management refused to listen to them.

Labour Relations eventually attended and agreed to hear the workers… and then followed up by threatening them all with major misconduct. The members, as promised, went back to work after making their statement.

Sadly, since this incident, over 40 members and counting have been served with five-day consecutive suspensions and final warnings. This is a direct attack on every member of CUPW; the Right to Complain and the Right to Representation by union officials are cornerstones of a just and fair workplace. Without the right to complain we are silenced from reporting safety hazards, worker’s concerns as well as violations of the collective agreement.

In a show of solidarity to the members who are paying for exercising our rights, we ask that on Thursday March 9th , 2023, that as many members as possible wear black shirts while performing work in non-public serving areas. In your runouts, in your sorting cases, etc… We can take this opportunity to let the bosses know that we will not stand for this. Please take group pictures while wearing your black shirts, holding a sign with your local number, to share and build awareness. It’s a simple and easy thing to do to show your solidarity.

All pictures (which may be published) and stories can be shared with Brother Dave Lambert at dlambert@cupw-sttp.org.

Let’s show these workers that we care, and that we stand with them in their fight for justice.

An Injury to one is an Injury to all!

In Solidarity,

Dave Lambert