| 04-04-2020

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Public support petition for safety measures & More Media Interviews

Cousins & Comrades,

A quick update for your Saturday afternoon.

  1. Latest Media Featuring Our Local

    We're continuing to try our best to make sure the public knows just how monumentally unreliable CPC has been throughout this whole crisis.

    1. CBC Article (20.04.03) "If (Canada Post) doesn't have a concrete, country-wide physical-distancing plan for their facilities, or sufficient sanitation regimes in place, then they are undermining broader virus-containment efforts." (full article link)

    2. Edmonton Journal (20.04.03) “If we want to buy into a containment strategy, we need Canada Post to apply these measures evenly everywhere. A lot of other locals in our union are still experiencing this lack of proper sanitation or physical distancing provisions. Postal workers are feeling a lot of frustration because they do want to help out during this crisis but they want to have that assurance that they can do it safely.” (full article link)

  2. Petition: Safe Working Conditions For Canadian Postal Workers During C19 Crisis

    The public petition supporting our struggle is just about to hit 5000 signatures! Here's an update from the author: "Thank you so much for supporting our postal workers on the frontlines as they help the rest of us get through these trouble times! Seeing our carrier, Kyle, every day around 3pm is such a nice dose of normal when everything else is upside down... Please keep sending this petition out to your friends and family to help us get so many names that Trudeau and Canada Post won't be able to ignore us!" (petition link here)

  3. National CUPW Webinar - April 5, 2020, 2pm

    This is an excellent initiative by CUPW national (details here) that every member should consider participating in for important C19 information. These webinars are also a rare opportunity for members to give our national leadership direct, respectful, and constructive feedback on what our union could be doing to better help our members still suffering unsafe working conditions. 

  4. Filling the Gaps

    CPC Edmonton has assured us that all of our demands for decongesting work facilities, staggering breaks and start times, and providing sanitation kits (disposable gloves & rags, and disinfectant spray solutions) to all high-contact work areas have, or will be implemented soon. Of course, CPC can't be trusted so we're relying on our members to let our office know exactly where CPC is falling short. If you still haven't received a sanitation kit to be used at your area (e.g. parcel runnout, feeder belts, mail sortation case, etc) or have implemented staggered starts to decongest your depot by Wed, April 8, please contact our office with the details  so we can follow up.

  5. Ongoing C19 Resources

    1. CUPW National Updates - Any update coming from National will be posted here first. To be sure you don't miss anything important, subscribe to their national email list here.

    2. CPC C19  Info - If you have any questions about how CPC is treating certain C19 related issues, a good first place to check before talking to a steward or contacting our office, is to check out their infopage here

      If after researching your question you still need clarification, please talk to a trusted shop steward or contact our office.
Stay calm, stay informed, and take care. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.