| 06-08-2022

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Local Newsletter - May 2022 Edition

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CUPW 730 May 2022 Newsletter Contents:

1. President's Report: May 2022 GMM - Due Process
2. Thank You, Edmonton
3. 1st Vice President's Report: Our Fight is With the Employer
4. Health and Safety Report: Understanding Accommodations
5. Route Measurement by the Numbers: Gone, Gone, The Damage Done
6. RSMCs Feeling Gas Pains from Bloated Fuel Costs
7. Photo Gallery: Our Flag Flies Proud
8. Worker Solidarity
9. No Scab Mail Here: The 1987 Postal Strikes
10. Interview: Building Rank-and-File Power at Canada Post
11. Comic: No Relief - The Motto
12. Front Yards In Bloom
13. What is Mental Health?