| 11-26-2021

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Local Dispatch (21/11/26): Vaccine Policy Deadline

Comrades and friends,

CUPW's cease & desist application against Canada Post's vaccine policy was unsurprisingly rejected this week. This means Canada Post will move ahead with their policy on Nov 27 and place those who have not attested to receiving a vaccine, or secured an exemption, on leave without pay. Anyone deciding to get their vaccine from this point on should call their station/shift manager to receive further direction on how to proceed and when they can resume work; once our office receives an official run-down of these steps, we will share it.

Also in this dispatch you will find the latest issue of our local newsletter containing extensive analysis on the vaccine policy, a primer on how Urban depot OT should be managed during peak season, registration for our Dec GMM, as well as details on CPC's latest attempt to pressure those injured at work. 

In Solidarity,




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Local Newsletter - December 2021

Full digital edition (LINK)

CUPW 730 December 2021 Newsletter Contents:

1. President's Report: Is the Vaccine Policy an Effective Organizing Issue?
2. National Day of Mourning and Action on Violence Against Women/WIN House Donation Drive 
3. Delivery in the Dark
4. Tips on Retiring
5. Worker Solidarity
6. Bar Charts and You: Report on Bar Chart Consultation
7. It's Restructure Time Again!
8. Report from the Women's Committee: Harassment, the Operations Room, and More
9. In Memoriam: Sandy MacDonald
10. Route Measurement By the Numbers: Introducing Appendix QQ
11. No Relief Comic: The Initiative, Pt. 3
12. Crossword

(Urban) Depots Peak Season Overtime FAQ

Peak season is overtime season. Opportunities to work rotational days off and statutory holidays, as well as regular schedule OT are readily available. To guarantee OT is offered transparently and fairly, we follow the guidelines of equal opportunity and seniority as set out in articles 15 & 17 of our collective agreement. This process can seem especially complicated for our urban depots members so we built a primer to help understand it. Read more >>


Say No To Multi-Injury Program!

Canada Post has begun a new program to harass injured workers again. This time the program is an adaptation of the former Frequently Injured Employees Program (FIE), now called the Multi-Injury Program. Our Regional office is advising all Locals, Stewards and workers not to participate in
the interviews. The program is an attack on workers for reporting work accidents and filing legitimate workers’ compensation claims. The locals should
file grievances if workers are disciplined for not attending the interview. Read more >>


Virtual GMM: Dec 5, 6:00pm

As per the direction given by our CUPW National Executive, locals can hold GMMs via video conference as long as quorum is met and all participants have registered with all the required information by the specified deadline. For our full virtual GMM guidelines, and to register to participate, please see the accompanying post. Read more >>


Ongoing Reminder: Local Office Access

To stay aligned with the federal health guidelines affecting our members, our office remains locked and available by appointment only. We are trying to conduct all meetings with members over the phone or via video conferencing. Exemptions can be made for unique circumstances. In either case, please call (780) 423-9000 to arrange an appointment with the appropriate officer. We are extremely busy in the office so please leave a message if you’re unable to catch us on the phone.