| 03-18-2021

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Local Dispatch (21/03/18) - CPC Is Watching You

Comrades & friends,

Pandemic fatigue is real. With all the added stress in everyone’s lives, I’m sure driving out of the way to our office to vote in a local union election is not at the top of your list of things to do. Please consider what you stand to benefit if you donate just one hour of your time to vote. Canada Post is always watching us to see how strong and unified we are, especially as we move into negotiations. A low voter turnout tells CPC that we have no fight in us. The candidates running in the two separate ballots (President and 2 VP) are offering you meaningfully different directions to choose from. No matter which candidates you support, getting out to vote only helps our collective position by signaling to CPC that you are paying attention and are actively a part of your union. Alone we are powerless; together we are mighty!

Also in this dispatch: A full package of the 97 negotiation demand resolutions we passed locally, a ‘Building Power to Win’ National campaign update, & solidarity with workers unionizing Amazon.

In Solidarity,

(In the spirit of fairness and transparency, this dispatch was reviewed by the Election Committee to make sure it follows election guidelines before being sent out.)



Local Executive Elections & Voting Guidelines 

This week, and next, you will be seeing campaign materials from the various candidates. Also next week, candidate materials will be shared in our latest newsletter, on our website and via the local dispatch.

As per the Elections Committee: “Candidates, or their supporters, are not permitted to physically campaign in any facilities other than their own during this election. Our local will not risk any liability for the spread of C19, and we want to guarantee the safety of not only our members, but also the candidates. Anyone wishing to help any of the candidates are encouraged to make arrangements with them to hand out materials, or campaign within their own facility on the candidate’s behalf.”  

Remote Affiliate Office Voting: All affiliate offices will be sent a mail-in ballot instruction package.
Voting Location:
Union Office (back entrance only) - 18121 107ave, Edmonton
Advance Voting Day: Wed, Mar 31, 7am-7pm
Final Voting Day: Sat, April 10, 11am-5pm
Election Results: Sat, April 10 GMM, 6pm  

Official election notice including candidates:
Official election safety guidelines and voting details:



97 Negotiation Demands Passed By Our Local 

From our Secretary-Treasurer, Karry Biri: “Throughout March, our local held numerous workshops educating members on the process of crafting and debating demands for our upcoming negotiations with CPC. On March 7, our GMM focused on debating, and passing, 46 RSMC resolutions! I am so proud to see RSMC and Urban members working so closely together to allow for all the resolutions to be considered. On March 13, a special GMM passed 51 Urban resolutions. Over 80 members split seven hours between the two GMMs exploring all the ways we can fight to make our jobs and lives better. A great big “thank you” to everyone for their commitment to this local!

For a full list of all 97 local negotiation resolution demands passed: Read more >>



Building Power To Win - National Campaign Update  

Our trained volunteers are already canvassing our workfloors to see what your priorities are going into this round of bargaining. They'll be asking you for your top three concerns but feel free to express all the things you’d like to see improved about your job and what you’d be willing to fight for. Negotiations aren't about who has the most clever argument; it's about who has the most power. Our power comes from our membership and their willingness to collectively fight forward. If you'd like to help our local build up our leverage against Canada Post, please sign up with one of our campaign volunteers going around, or contact our 1st VP (Organizing), Devon Rundvall (organize730@gmail.com). 



Global Day of Solidarity With Unionizing Amazon Workers  




Ongoing Reminder: Local Office Access

To stay aligned with the newest health guidelines, our office remains locked and available by appointment only. We are trying to conduct all meetings with members over the phone or via video conferencing. Exemptions can be made for unique circumstances. In either case, please call (780) 423-9000 to arrange an appointment with the appropriate officer. We are extremely busy in the office trying to put out a thousand different fires, so please leave a message if you’re unable to catch us on the phone.