| 03-18-2021

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Negotiations 2022 Demands Approved by CUPW 730 Membership

“CUPW has always chosen the approach of negotiating on the strength of its membership, with the understanding that it is not only because you have good arguments and a just cause that you win improvements for your members at the bargaining table. Only when the employer knows that you have the membership behind you and you are willing, if necessary, to fight can meaningful gains be won.”

-Jean-Claude Parrot, CUPW National President (1977-1992)


Throughout March, our local held numerous workshops educating members on the process of crafting and debating demands for upcoming negotiations with CPC. On March 7, our GMM focused on debating, and passing, 46 RSMC resolutions! I am so proud to see RSMC and Urban members working so closely together to allow for all the resolutions to be considered. On March 13, a special GMM passed 51 Urban resolutions. Over 80 members, split seven hours between the two GMMs exploring all the ways we can fight to make our jobs and lives better. A great big “thank you” to everyone for their commitment to this local!

Here is a simplified breakdown of the negotiation demand process starting with our local and going all the way to National bargaining:

1. Negotiation resolution are proposed, and debated, by locals at their own GMMs

2. Resolutions approved by the GMMs are forwarded to their respective Regional conference.

3. Elected delegations from each local debate the resolutions submitted to their respective Regional conference.

4. The National Exec combines all resolutions passed at Region Conference into a National program of demands

5. The program of demands is presented back to all CUPW members for their review and ratification.

6. Once ratified, our negotiation teams present our collective demands to Canada Post to formally begin bargaining.

7. Any contract proposal by CPC that honors our bargaining objectives is presented to membership for a certification vote (creating a new collective agreement).

8. On the other hand, if CPC is unwilling to bargain, a strike vote may be presented to the membership in order to create more leverage to achieve our demands.

This is a very deliberate, detailed process clearly set out in Article 6 of our CUPW National Constitution. By approaching bargaining in this way, we enshrine the democratic spirit of our union and commit to the principle that our power at the bargaining table comes directly from the collective support of our membership.


In Solidarity,

Karry Biri
Secretary-Treasurer, CUPW 730 – Edmonton & Affiliates

Summary of CUPW 730 Urban Negotiation Demand Resolutions

Full Urban resolution package including all language and amendments (LINK)

Big Picture

    • RSMCs to be added as Group 5 into Urban collective agreement, gaining all Urban benefits and protections, while maintaining their own assignment bidding lists and accumulated, continuous seniority.
    • Postal banking to be a primary, unconditional, bargaining demand that we will strike to achieve.
    • Reinstitute postal banking services and create postal banking clerk positions.
    • Green New Post Office. Make all CPC facilities and fleet vehicles carbon-neutral.
    • Create service and time-values for a vulnerable person’s check-in program.
    • CPC to provide broadband internet services to compete with telecom corporations.

Wages & Benefits

    • All future wage increases to be, at minimum, 4% and exceed annual cost of living.
    • End two-tiered wage system.
    • Substantially increase medical and therapeutic health benefit coverage.
    • All benefits to be direct-billed to provider.
    • $1000/year health spending account, and increased benefits for temps.
    • Increased shift premiums.
    • $400/year for boot & glove allowance.
    • Pregnant employees to receive uniform reimbursement of $250 per pregnancy.
    • Our-of-country medical coverage to be extended and increased.

Work Methods & Staffing 

    • All letter carrier and MSC restructures must be approved by CUPW in order to be implemented.
    • SSD (separate sort from delivery) to be immediately cancelled with all work reverted back to previous method.
    • All new trainee programs to be consulted on, and approved by, CUPW before application.
    • Single delivery parcel dimensions to not exceed 50lbs and 3 meters (one length).
    • Creation of team-lift classification to handle processing and delivery of all oversized parcels.
    • All letter carrier walks to have fully updated edit books, pull-charts, maps, and case strips at all times.

Seniority & Leave

    • Each employee to receive three mental health leave days a year to be used as desired.
    • 12 day/year menstruation or menopause leave.
    • Personal days to be increased to 15 days, and allow for accumulation of 25 days.
    • Group 1 to be allowed to bid on all 52 vacation weeks (instead of the current 48).
    • Allowance to cancel vacation leave within three days (or more) from scheduled date.
    • Domestic violence leave be added to reasons for paid special leave.
    • Temp Peak-season hours to count towards probation and 1000-hour wage increases.
    • Bereavement leave to be extended to aunts, uncles, and in-law siblings, and be changed to five working (not calendar) days, as well as include miscarriages and stillbirths.
    • That a special leave of five working days be created for separation from a common-law partner or spouse.


    • CUPW to have elected members of CUPW be appointed to the CPC Board of Directors.
    • Parkas and insulated pants be added to the uniform allotment for groups 1, 3 & 4.
    • All employees entitled to high visibility safety jackets.
    • Change all collective agreement language to be gender neutral.
    • All human rights grievances to be expedited.

Summary of CUPW 730 RSMC Negotiation Demand Resolutions

Full, adopted, RSMC resolution package including all language and amendments (LINK)

Big Picture

    • RSMCs to be added as Group 5 into Urban collective agreement, gaining all Urban benefits and protections, while maintaining their own assignment bidding lists and accumulated, continuous seniority.

Wages & Benefits

    • All medical benefits to be doubled and indexed annually with the cost of living.
    • Each member to receive a $1000/year health spending account.
    • All benefit costs will be direct billed to our provider.
    • All RSMCs to be paid for admail per piece as per the Urban collective agreement.
    • Meal allowance equal to Urban members.
    • PREs and OCREs to receive additional $5/hour benefit for the route they are covering.
    • OCREs to be included, and move up, in the wage progression chart.
    • $400/year for boot & glove allowance.

Work Methods & Staffing

    • CPC to be responsible for covering all staff absences (no more self-hired helpers).
    • Any travel to another facility from home facility receives paid drive-time and km.
    • Route measurement system to meet, or exceed, standards of the letter carrier system.
    • Route holders can no longer be forced to sort, or deliver, additional days mail, or be forced to accept additional work.
    • Second trips no longer mandatory. If voluntarily performed, they are to be paid per parcel rate and include km reimbursement and drive time.
    • CPC to provide all RSMCs with corporate vehicles, just like Urban members, and that right hand drives be available for routes with rural mailboxes.
    • Parcels not to exceed 50lbs or three meters

Seniority & Leave

    • PREs to receive 6% of annual income by way of annual leave.
    • Any RSMC classification to receive a uniform allotment.
    • Improve personal day flexibility, and increase number of days to 15.
    • Domestic violence leave be added to reasons for paid special leave.
    • Quarantine leave (Urban 21.06) be added to the RSMC agreement.
    • Vacation leave restored in case of various leave scenarios (high risk, bereavement, etc.)
    • Bereavement leave extended to five working days, and include aunts, uncles, and in-law siblings, as well as for miscarriages or stillbirths.
    • Separation leave to be added to marriage leave and extend both to five working days.
    • Right to cancel schedule cancelled vacation leave.
    • Any member going supervisor to immediately lose all their seniority
    • 12 day/year menstruation or menopause leave.


    • RSMCs receive Urban article 33 in its entirety, including the right to refuse unsafe work.
    • Increased rights for social stewards.
    • Paid RSMC participation in grievance hearings and arbitrations (just like Urban).
    • CPC extend Article 54 of the Urban CA (accommodation due to injury)
    • Gender neutral language be instituted in all new contracts.
    • RSMC members receive Health & Safety (DD) and Human rights (HH) training as per Urban agreement.